About Darlene Doughty Designs

About Darlene Doughty Designs

I can be reached at [email protected] or 603-343-3533.

 My speciality is custom work, I can create a special piece just for you!

 Love and Great Big Hugs Darlene

 My business started in 2008 during an ice storm, when we didn't have power for 10 days. I had some agate slabs and cord so I made necklaces. While wearing my new creations to the supermarket a few days later 3 complete strangers stopped me and asked me where they could get a necklace. I told them I would gladly make them one, this was the birth of Darlene Doughty Designs! 

 Over the past years I have become a reiki practicioner and a Grace Blessings giver. I incorporate all the great energy, love and blessings into my creations. My jewelry range's from every day casual to highly desirable fashion pieces. 

 I am very proud to present my collection to you with love and big hugs.