About The Andaras

About The Andaras

The Divine Solar Fire Andara activates the energy of your first  three chakras, grounding, balancing and charging your innate creative fire, allowing you to express your unique gifts with ease.


The Divine Fire Andara opens you to the root of pure being, stabilizing and connecting you to the Mother energy inside Earth, which is also in you. Live fearlessly with connection to all life. 


The power of creation is strong inside of you, and can be activated by the Garnet Shaman Swirl/Garnet Andara. Working with this andara will stimulate the latent forces within.


The core of your being is golden, like this Amber Andara. Strength and confidence flows effortlessly without force when you connect with the golden light within.


Joy is a state of being that resides, but often lies dormant, in all of us. The Luminescent Yellow Andara opens the solar plexus to the state of living without limitations to embrace the full glory of Life. 


The Peridot Andara inspires the early stages of creation, seeding the light within and allowing your ideas to germinate into new growth.


The Luminescent Green Andara opens the channel between the third and forth chakras, so the power of your true self can flow unimpeded through your heart-center, where it is expressed in the state of Love and acceptance. 


Gaia, an embodiment of the Divine Mother in Earth, shelters, protects and births life in a continuous cycle. The Gaia Green Andara opens the doors of the heart to the mother-love of creation and magic inherent in all life. 


The Electric Blue Andara channels the energy of Archangel Michael, clearing the energy that binds the expression of the true self.


The Oceanic Blue/Green Andara brings you to the watery element of the emotions, where the memories of All swirl into the fluids of creation. Working with this Andara will allow you to filter out the debris that clutters the peaceful state of true being. 


The Tanzanite Fire Andara opens the gateway from the lower chakras to the third-eye, allowing you to activate the inner sight of awareness. 

The Merlin Purple Andara takes you through inner sight into the realm of magic where all things of the Light are possible. 


The Sovereign Amethyst Andara opens you up to the Universal Consciousness, recharging your cells to the bliss of your highest state of being. 


The Pink Andara opens the heart to compassion and understanding, allowing you to bring forth empathy towards others and yourself.


The Translucent Black Andara grounds magic back through Earth, ensuring right purpose and actions as you bring your gifts out into the world. 


The Oracle Clear Andara opens you up the to the pure Light of the Divine. Here, in this state, the shadows of illusions disappear. 


The Aqua Angel Andara opens you up to the angelic realms and the purest expression of Truth. This andara clears density from the throat and inspires the language of Light.